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What I Do

As a professional photographer I use 20 years of photographic experience and the highest quality equipment. For that reason my primary camera is a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. My preference is to tell a photographic story in a clean, honest and appealing way. Originally, I had specialized in wedding photographybut as you can see from my portfolio, I do all types of photography.

My style is fine arts photojournalism. The photojournalism approach makes me non-intrusive while I quietly embrace what is going on around me. The need to see simple elegance and human emotion is deeply rooted in my fine arts background.



After last year’s cancellation of the NAS Oceana Airshow from Congressional budget sequestration the show is back with a flourish, with top stars and pilots including the Blue Angels. A group of Wounded Warriors parachute jump was cancelled due to last minute foul weather but, the presentation was still very moving. We saw amazing feats such as: a pilot landing his plane on the top of a moving RV at 70 mph, a navy pilot in a Super Hornet breaking the sound barrier, a wing walker, a micro jet, incredible aerobatics by all and of course, the Blue Angels.



Below you will see a small sample of my work. Enjoy.


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