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Choosing your wedding photographer is not an easy decision. Compatibility is important. Being at ease with your photographer's personality allows you to open up and relax. This all begins with trust and comfort in your photographer's manner and ability to guide you through the process.



Like most things in life, value comes with a price. You do not buy the cheapest house or car because your safety and comfort are worth so much to you. Too many brides have lamented about unsensational images that do not capture the significance of the moment.

You need a professional with experience and an artistic eye. With hundreds of weddings over the past 10 years and a formal education in my art, I believe I am uniquely qualified to provide you the quality you need with a price you can afford.


My Style

Fine arts photojournalism by Beata is intended to capture, real time, the candor and spontaneity of the moment while telling the story in images. Respect of the natural occurrences without assuming too heavy a hand in staging the subjects is her hallmark. The fine art comes into play with formal shots in the styles of the masters. Sensitivity to the colors and lights and their effect in presenting the emotion of moment is what she does best.

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